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Rob Gifford

Director, Experience Design
Rob is that guy who grew up spending hours drawing and painting in the basement. Quickly abandoning a stereotype, he headed to college to study psychology. That explains why he’s at Mad*Pow as an Experience Design Director, after earning his wings at companies like Medullan, Wiklund Research & Design, and PatientsLikeMe. Rob holds a psychology degree from Gordon College and MBA from Bentley University.

Passionate about designing apps or websites to help people achieve personal change, he readily dives deep into new spaces to understand the type of information people need to develop self-insight and build motivation. That leads right into projects like the one he recently led for a leading pharmaceutical company, designing a radically new method for engaging more patients in diagnosis of one of the world’s most deadly and under-diagnosed chronic conditions.

Think that was a challenge? Well, Rob will tell you the really big challenge he’d like to take on is redesigning airports—sterile and uncomfortable places. Extremely stressful and boring, suspenseful and isolating, where getting to and waiting for a trip requires a rare combination of vigilance and patience. He’s done his own research in the area while indulging in his wanderlust, exploring a new city with camera at the ready. Most recently in China, taking cooking classes and boning up on politics and history. Not to mention coming home with a different perspective than he held when he left.